NEYEDC – Data Request
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Please note before submitting your data search that the centre will be closed for the Christmas and New Year period from Wednesday 21st December, reopening on Tuesday 3rd January. Search results will be returned within 5 working days, and as such any searches submitted on or after Wednesday 14th December may be returned upon reopening in January.

My LERC is separate from NEYEDC's previous data request process. It is an online system and requires a My LERC log in. You can create a 'My LERC account', if you have not previously done so, on the next page.

Who can request information?
When requesting an Ecological Data Search you will be asked to choose from one of the following Data Search Types:

  • Chargeable enquiriesfor ecological/planning consultants, developers, landowners
  • Pre-paid enquiriesonly for consultants who have an arranged pre-payment account with NEYEDC
  • SLA holdersonly for use by consultants with a Service Level Agreement with NEYEDC
  • Partnersfor Partner Organisations with a pre-arranged agreement, e.g. Memorandum of Agreement or Data Exchange Agreement
  • Academicfor academics, students and researchers
  • Publicfor members of the public, volunteer wildlife recorders for personal research

We offer a range of Standard Data Search Packages. By selecting one of these you will benefit from an instant online quote and our fastest turnaround. To request information from us you will need to complete a simple online form. To request an Ecological Data Search click on 'Begin Data Request' at the bottom of this page, or for further information on NEYEDC's Ecological Data Search service, click on the drop down menus below.

At the present time NEYEDC use the MyLERC system to log searches only. We do not yet use the eMapper service to deliver results and as such, your account may not update 'Awaiting Report' to 'Report Available' when your search results are sent out.