HBRC – Terms & Conditions
Terms & Conditions
Data supplied by HBRC is subject to our Terms and Conditions. By submitting a Data Request you agree that you have read and understood the implications of the Terms and Conditions, that the declarations you are making are true, and that you will adhere to the Terms and Conditions.

1. Sensitive & Confidential Information
    1.1 I understand that data marked as sensitive or confidential are provided outside the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 (EIR) and the Freedom of Information Act (FoIA) 2000 (to prevent its becoming by default "public information"). These data are issued only to those specified in the data request.

2. General Terms & Conditions
    2.1 I agree that data supplied by HBRC (The Data) and any online access to data, e.g. through an eMapper Link, as well as any derivative of The Data, such as downloads, electronic and paper tables and maps, can be accessed only by those specified as Data Users in the Data Request and that they have received a copy of the Terms and Conditions.

    2.2 I agree that I cannot pass The Data on to other bodies, individuals or any other unspecified third parties without the written permission of HBRC.

    2.3 I will not copy, distribute, disseminate, publish or broadcast raw HBRC data anywhere, in any format – this is in line with the British Standard for Biodiversity BS 42020:2013, which states that consultants are not expected to include long, uninterpreted species lists from LERCs in their reports, only summarised data, main findings and conclusions. Publishing maps is allowed, but only when acknowledging HBRC and including the relevant OS and other licence statements.

    2.4 I agree that where other parties, other than those specified as Data Users, require access to The Data, I will direct them to HBRC.

    2.5 I agree to keep The Data secure from unauthorised or accidental use, access, disclosure or loss, and to take reasonable practical steps to ensure the security of The Data.

    2.6 I agree that the The Data cannot used for any other purpose than that for which it was requested.

    2.7 I agree that permission to use The Data and any download of the The Data expires at the Expiry Date specified by HBRC.

    2.8 I agree that The Data must not be entered or used in a database or Geographic Information System (GIS) unless otherwise agreed by HBRC.

    2.9 I agree to delete or destroy The Data after the specified Expiry Date. I shall contact HBRC within 1 month of the Expiry Date if access to The Data is still required.

    2.10 I confirm that The Data will only be used for legitimate and legal purposes.

    2.11 I confirm that neither I, nor to the best of my knowledge anyone else specified in the data request, have been investigated for or convicted of any form of wildlife crime.

    2.12 I confirm that I, nor to the best of my knowledge has anyone else specified as Data Users, has previously misused data obtained from this or other Local Environmental Records Centres.

    2.13 I understand that data held by HBRC belongs either to HBRC or to those organisations, groups and individuals from which HBRC sources information. The copyright of biological records remains with the original recorder and the copyright of collated data and reports belongs to HBRC.

    2.14 I understand that data are provided subject to ongoing approval for use from individual recorders, local recording groups or national recording schemes. Should such providers of data withdraw permissions for use of these data, the requestor may be obliged to remove relevant data from records.

    2.15 I will not hold HBRC or its data suppliers liable for problems and/or financial loss, which might arise from inaccuracy in The Data supplied by HBRC.

    2.16 I will ensure that HBRC are acknowledged in any publication or report produced using The Data or conclusions derived from it. No charge will be made to HBRC in supplying a copy of that publication or report.

    2.17 If possible, I will supply HBRC any environmental survey records. The British Standard for Biodiversity BS 42020:2013 encourages survey data to be made available to LERCs at the time that the ecological report enters the public realm unless there is an explicit contractual restriction on such data release.

    2.18 I agree that The Data are provided 'as held' by HBRC and were deemed to be accurate at the time of collection. HBRC cannot guarantee the accuracy of data supplied.

    2.19 I understand that use of The Data does not in any way replace the need for adequate field survey.

    2.20 I understand that records showing the presence of a habitat or species do not guarantee continued occurrence of that habitat or species. Furthermore, absence of records does not necessarily imply absence of a habitat or species, merely that they may not be held by HBRC or that they cannot be supplied as part of the data request.

    2.21 I understand that HBRC operates as a not-for-profit company for the provision of objective biodiversity information. Charges made are purely administrative to reflect the cost of collating, managing and disseminating the information.

    2.22 I understand that HBRC handles personal data related to the Data Request according to its Privacy Notice.

    2.23 I understand that Data are provided without prejudice and according to our Charging Policy. Commercial users are always subject to our Charging Policy.

    2.24 I understand that voluntary recording societies and local naturalists are generally exempted from our Charging Policy; exemption will depend upon upon the extent of the data requested and staff hours required to process the request.

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