BMERC – Datasets
All records in our reports can be linked back to a specific dataset by referring to the Dataset ID by each record. Click on an entry below to view information about each dataset, including descriptive information and brief statistics.
Dataset ID Dataset Title Acknowledgements
D0001/001/04 Berkshire, Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust Records BBOWT
D0002/001/06 Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes Environmental Records Centre Records BMERC
D0003/001/04 Buckinghamshire Bird Club Records Buckinghamshire Bird Club
D0004/001/04 Butterfly Conservation Records Butterfly Conservation
D0005/001/04 Central Government Records Central Government
D0006/001/06 Records from Professional Ecological Consultants Various
D0007/001/05 Records from County Recorders Various
D0008/001/04 Records from County Recording Groups / Natural History Societies Various
D0009/001/03 Records from County Surveys Various
D0010/001/04 Records from Local Authorities Various
D0011/001/01 Museum Records Various
D0012/001/04 Records from National Schemes Various
D0013/001/03 Regional Trusts and Boards Various
D0014/001/01 Records from Universities or Academic Institutions Various
D0015/001/06 Records from Volunteer Recorders Various
D0016/001/03 Records from The Parks Trust, Milton Keynes The Parks Trust, Milton Keynes
D0017/001/04 Records from iRecord iRecord