BMERC – Data Request
Need Help? Call us on 01248 672680
COVID-19 – The Data Searches services is still operational but it may take us a little longer to respond. The team is working from home and we are available via the usual phone and email if you need to contact us.

BMERC offers three types of Data Searches
Commercial - for consultants, solicitors, local authorities, landowners and developers seeking information for development or commercial management of land. There is normally a charge for these searches.
Whole Parish Search - for Parish Councils for Parish Planning purposes only.
Non-commercial - for members of the public, volunteer wildlife recorders, landowners looking to manage their land for nature conservation, students and other researchers. There is usually no charge for these searches.

BMERC's Data Request process is delivered in partnership with Cofnod. Please contact, or call 01248 672680 if you need help with the data request process. For other aspects of BMERC's work please contact