Cofnod – Data Request
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From 1st July 2022 the price of Packages A1 and A2 will increase by £5 and Package B1 will increase by £15

My LERC is separate from Cofnod's previous data request system and requires a My LERC log in. You can create a 'My LERC account', if you have not previously done so, on the next page.

When making a Data Request you will be asked to choose from one of the following Data Request Types:

  • ChargeableFor use by Ecological Consultants, Planning Consultants, Developers etc.
  • Chargeable pre-paidOnly for use by Ecological consultants with a pre-paid agreement
  • PartnershipOnly for pre-agreed data requests, inc. SLA or other agreement holders
  • AcademicOnly for use by researchers or students registered with an academic body
  • PublicOnly for use by the public for personal interest

Please use Aderyn before submitting a Public data request, as this will give you access to the same data, and we may direct you there anyway.

To request information click Begin Data Request and fill in the Data Request Form.