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About NBIS:
Norfolk Biodiversity Information Service (NBIS) is a Local Environmental Record Centre holding information on species, geodiversity, habitats and protected sites for the whole of the county of Norfolk. The vast majority of our species records come from volunteer recorders, from a variety of sources and are verified by volunteer County Recorders for each species group. NBIS is an accredited member of the Association of Local Environmental Records Centres (ALERC) and operates within the guidelines of the National Biodiversity Network. NBIS functions with guidance from a Steering Group, serving the need for environmental information in Norfolk through the collection, collation, assessment and interpretation of high-quality data.

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Our data enquiries service:
Commercial customers can request from a suite of packages specifically designed to meet the ecological requirements of the planning system and to comply with ecological and data standards (Best practice, data and ecological standards). Non-chargeable customers can choose from specifically designed non chargeable packages or request a custom search to meet their needs.

In order to ensure NBIS compliance with ecological and data standards all data requests will need to comply with NBIS ecological conditions for commercial or non-chargeable searches (Best practice, data and ecological standards - Table 1 and 2 ) and our revised terms and conditions.

Our new fairer area-based charges reflect the ongoing improvements we are making to the service through better data quality and enhanced usability. We will be offering the benefits of ecological consultant SLAs to regular customers. These improvements are all being made possible by a move to new software, for which NBIS will pay annual running costs.

NBIS will also continue to undertake bespoke project work for which quotes will be based on our daily rate. This aspect of our service is something that we are keen to develop and expand. Please see our website for more details of previous work that we have undertaken or contact us directly to discuss your requirements.

How best to make a data request:
Follow our how to flow diagram OR please contact us directly: