Leicestershire and Rutland Environmental Records Centre Logo
LRERC is the archive for ecology information in Vice-County 55. The staff are Kirsty Gamble, Karen Headley and Jennie Lucas.
Webpage: https://www.leicestershire.gov.uk/environment-and-planning/planning/leicestershire-and-rutland-environmental-records-centre-lrerc
E-mail: lrerc@leics.gov.uk Phone: 0116 305 1087
Leicestershire County Council, County Hall, Room 200, Glenfield, Leicester LE3 8RA

LRERC staff collate, standardise and validate data from sources including:
the County Recorders' Network and local naturalists; LRERC staff, partners and contractors; the NBN, iRecord and national recording schemes; members of the public and community surveys; ecology consultants; and the local online recording site NatureSpot.
Whenever possible, data is verified by local or national experts. Most of the source documents are available on request, as an electronic copy or scan.

Locally designated Sites and Habitats
LRERC holds historic data on sites and habitats going back to the 1950s. Recent data is collated from Local Wildlife Site surveys and citations, Phase 1 Habitat surveys and other site surveys by LRERC staff, partners and external organisations. Most of this information is available on request, as an electronic copy or scan.
LRERC holds Regionally Important Geological Site (RIGS) boundaries. Further information on these sites is held by the local RIGS Group.
Information on the Local Biodiversity Action Plan Priority Habitats and Local Wildlife Site (LWS) criteria is available from LCC's website.