Derbyshire Biological Records Centre Logo
Who are we?
Derbyshire Biological Records Centre (DBRC) is the Local Environmental Records Centre (LERC) for Derbyshire. We collect, collate and manage environmental information and provide it to others to inform responsible decision-making in planning, development and wildlife conservation. The DBRC gathers data from a network of volunteer recorders and professional surveyors and consultants in Derbyshire and is hosted by Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, a registered charity. DBRC is also a member of the Association of Local Environmental Records Centres (ALERC)

What do we provide?
We provide environmental information to a range of commercial and non-commercial clients via data enquiries. Our clients include ecological consultants, utility companies, parish councils, local people, conservation bodies, land-owners, academic institutions and many others. We also provide our funding partners with regularly updated species and sites information.

Please see the Data Request page for more information. Once we've received your request we will deliver results using our fast and reliable service, presented through our unique online mapping tool eMapper.

What data do we have?
We hold over 2.4 million wildlife records of flora and fauna in Derbyshire plus information about local sites such as Local Wildlife Sites and Derbyshire Wildlife Trust Reserves. We also hold data on NERC Act S41 Habitats of Principal Importance and other important conservation areas. If you want data outside our area, please use the ALERC Find your LERC page.

We collect this data from skilled volunteer recorders, the general public, professionals working for wildlife charities, professionals working for government agencies (the Environment Agency & local authorities) and ecological consultants. View Dataset Information to find out what data we hold. Please remember that the data we supply comes from people happy to contribute records, so please support the DBRC by sending us any data that you may collect by going to the following webpage - DBRC or email

If you are unsure whether you require ecological information from within our area please use the ALERC Find your LERC page to check.